Anime Reviews

Howl’s Moving Castle

Based on Diana Wynne Jones’ novel, Howl’s Moving Castle is the latest Hayao Miyazaki masterpiece to be released in the US.


Based on the manga by Yun Kouga, which is still being released, Loveless follows Ritsuka Aoyagi, a sixth grade boy who feels lost and alone in the world.

Kiddy Grade

Set in the future where several galazy colonies exist, Kiddy Grade follows the inner workings of the Galactic Organization of Trade and Tariffs (GOTT).

DVD Reviews

Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok (Vol 1 of 7)

Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok is (very loosely) based on Norse mythology. Odin has become so irritated with trickster god, Loki, he’s banished him to Earth (Midgard).

My Beautiful Girl Mari

My Beautiful Girl Mari is a stunning animation from Korea that looks more like a Miyazaki film than Japanese anime or Disney animation.

Madlax (Vol 2 of 7)

In the second volume, Madlax and Margaret’s stories become intertwined through the mysterious picture book, which may be the key to Margaret’s forgotten past.

Manga Reviews

xxxHolic 5

With White Day come and gone, Yuko is obsessing over how Syaoran and friends haven’t yet sent her otherworldly goodies as payback. Watanuki has his own obligations to worry about – he has no idea how he’ll hunt down the Zashiki Warashi spirit.

xxxHolic 4

xxxHolic 4 provides a nice blend of character development on Watanuki’s part, some interesting customs surrounding Valentine’s Day and White Day, and a few spirits of Japanese mythology.

xxxHolic 3

Volume 3 provides greater insight into the supernatural elements of the xxxHolic universe with two paranormal tales.

Video Game Reviews

Naruto: Rise of a Ninja

Naruto: Rise of a Ninja by Ubisoft was released on October 30, 2007, and is part of the gigantic network of Naruto-related products.

Mass Effect

EA’s Mass Effect is an action role-playing game released in November 2007 and developed by Bioware, which also developed Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Jade Empire.

Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

Nintendo’s Zelda Phantom hourglass for the Nintendo DS is essentially the sequel to Zelda Wind Waker.

Conventions & Events

New York Anime Festival 2007 Report

Last weekend, I attended the first annual New York Anime Festival, held at the Javits Center in NYC.

ICv2 2007: Anime and Manga Aren’t Just for Geeky Boys

Since Sailor Moon demonstrated there was a market for stories about superhero girls, friendship and relationships, girls have been devouring manga in the US.

ICv2 2007: The Problem of Fansubs: How the Anime Industry is Adapting

The internet makes it easy for you to check up on what’s new in Japan, who’s following and reviewing which Japanese release and where you can download (or at least view) the content with English subtitles.

Anime News

Are Fansubs Hurting DVD Sales?

Recently, Active Anime interviewed GDH (Gonzo) International President, Arthur Smith, on anime piracy, which turned into a rant on why fansubs are hurting US anime dvd sales.

A Rant Against the Wall Street Journal’s Article on Anime and Manga

Anime and manga get coverage in an article called Manga Mania in the WSJ.

Can You Dance the Haruhi Dance?

With the convention season upon us, it seems like there are more and more people out there learning the Haruhi Dance during the closing song, Hare Hare Yukai

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Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle 14

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Picking up in the Country of Recort, a world in the style of Victorian England, Team Syaoran discuss the secret behind the Memory Book.

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